About us



e.m.group which designs original jewelry and interiors was established by Eijiro Nakatani and Masayoshi Tobita in 1996, under the concepts of “Creating happiness” and “Creating what has never been done”.
Our designers' liberal way of thinking and the little treasures of their creativities have enchanted lots of people all over the world.
Our work is not limited to designing jewelry and interiors, but also includes directing graphic and space designs.

Business contents



We, e.m. group, have developed each of our brands not bounded by limited materials, tastes, price ranges or targets. We sell the items at our direct-managed shops and distribute to popular multi-brand shops all over the world.
All products are made in Japan, and we have confidence in its quality and our creativity. You are able to place OEM orders as well.



We produce our own unique accessories and furniture on the top of selecting worldwide vintage/antique pieces for both sale and lease to spice up any interior. We can also handle custom orders.
Please come to our showroom to check out our furniture and small items and feel free to rent it out as a shooting studio. If you need any help in setting up your own space we are glad to direct or design any shop or space.

Graphic designs


We take orders for graphic designs and directions; we also create what you want from scratch.

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